Pipeline Services

Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Construction Support

Tri Tool Services delivers the experience, OEM support, safety, and unmatched customer service to both onshore and offshore pipeline construction projects. With the introduction of the PIPEMASTER® line of pipeline equipment, Tri Tool has become the industry standard for high performance in pipe-facing machines.

Our CNC High-Speed Deep Counterbore Service features the latest, patent-pending machining technology. Tri Tool delivers deep counterbore precision, rapid cycle times and superior surface finishes, using the safest pipe handling system available. Safety is optimized for this system with incoming and outgoing mechanized pipe handling racks that require no manual pipe handling. Cycle times are optimized with automated pipe end alignment, rapid machining by dual, seven-axis CNC machines equipped with real-time monitoring and the latest in safety features. The equipment is manned by Tri Tool’s experienced and highly skilled technicians who are certified in its operation.

Other important services in our pipeline offering include laser pipe dimensioning for pipe end matching, OD turning, coating removal, automated weld profiling, and welding alignment and rounding clamps, all designed to provide an optimal fit up and consistent weld quality. These services deliver dependability and efficiency to onshore pipeline construction as well as offshore pipeline construction.

Along with innovative pipeline solutions, we provide specialized pipeline service personnel to perform pipeline machining and welding, and on-site technical support for the training of your staff on Tri Tool’s orbital pipe welding systems. Tri Tool Services provides fully trained and qualified personnel ready to mobilize on short notice, at competitive rates that are scalable to meet your service demands. Tri Tool project managers and field technicians are experienced, trained, and qualified in the safe efficient operation of all Tri Tool equipment solutions.

Tri Tool Service capabilities include support for S-Lay/J-Lay pipeline installation, platform and rig maintenance, construction, production equipment operation, and training.

With the pipeline industry demanding pipe-to-pipe mismatch tolerances of greater than or equal to 0.5mm, the demand is greater than ever before for ultra-precision end finishing equipment and highly trained personnel uniquely qualified to deliver this level of accuracy.

Tri Tool Services can support your pipeline operations with equipment and/or technicians for:

  • Onshore Support Services (Spool Base, Double Joint Operations)
  • Offshore Support Services (Vessel, Oil Rig, Quad Rack)
  • Pipeline beveling and facing equipment in high-speed production applications for onshore and offshore construction
  • High Speed Counter Boring
  • High-Speed Sever Machines
  • Internal Line-Up Clamps
  • Laser Dimensioning
  • Weld Crown Removal
  • Coating Removal
  • Weld Profiling
  • OD Turning
  • CNC Counterbore
  • Certified Techs with Offshore Safety and Survival Training
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