TECH TIP: With an ID Mounted BEVELMASTER, it pays to be a “Multitasker.”

TECH TIP: With an ID Mounted BEVELMASTER, it pays to be a “Multitasker.”

Many different models of our portable machine tools provide multiple tool holders that allow for simultaneous cutting operations. The inherent stability of the 200 Series’ mounting mandrels, along with their powerful drives, were designed to ensure smooth cutting with more than one operation at a time.

An advantage to performing simultaneous end-prep procedures is that it spreads mechanical forces in a more uniform pattern across the principle bearing and other components than just using one tool holder. This can decrease machine wear and results in less chatter for smoother cuts and longer bit life.

Obviously, you can just use a beveling bit for accurate bevels, but taking the time to set-up and use an additional facing bit, and even a counterbore bit when needed, will ultimately help you achieve the excellent, quality weld-prep results your machine was designed to deliver.

If you need assistance on how to perform simultaneous cutting operations with your TRI TOOL® equipment, call today.

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