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Backed by 45+ years of experience, Tri Tool is the industry leader in machining and welding equipment for pipes and tubes. Our years of expertise have cemented the Tri Tool commitment to precision, performance and people that customers in a wide range of industries rely on.

We have a great selection of videos on our pipe beveler, orbital welder, tube cutting machine and other portable milling machine lines. Select an option below to see our equipment in action and be sure to contact us to learn more.

Custom Engineering Equipment

Our custom machine tools are providing solutions to complex machining applications. Our team of engineers combined with our manufacturing expertise are the perfect combination to provide custom engineered portable machining equipment for a broad range of nice applications. Call on Tri Tool for straightforward, economical solutions.

View our custom engineering videos below and then contact Tri Tool for to learn more.

Learn about how Tri Tool’s custom engineering and manufacturing can help you get the right tool for your complex machining application.

Watch the story unfold as we solve a complex machining application for the New York Power Authority utilizing a custom 600 series tool and a custom DualARC welding head. Get a brief overview of our custom engineering capabilities in this short video.

Get a brief overview of our custom engineering capabilities in this short video.

ID Mount Beveling and Machining Equipment

Our ID mount pipe bevelers are trusted across industries for their precise, repeatable weld prep, flange facing and pipe machining. Optional kits allow for handling larger pipe and other unique pipe machining operations.

View the rugged, portable BevelMASTER 208B, the ideal equipment solution for producing repeatable precision weld preparation profiling on 2”-8” pipe.

Watch the BevelMASTER 216B pipe beveler, designed specifically with stability in mind for heavy machining operations.

See the BevelMASTER 236B, offering unique ID-mounted machining capabilities for large-diameter, heavy-duty weld preparation.

OD Mount Cold Cutting and Pipe Beveling Portable Weld Prep Equipment

Our 600 Series OD pipe cutting and weld prep equipment provides the ultimate in precision, quality and durability. A wide range of accessories are available for the most basic to most intricate machining needs.

Watch our OD-mounted TRIMAX clamshell pipe cutter, created for maximum performance, precision, ease of use and safety.

See the 600RBL-G2 series split frame lathe, a precise, lighter-weight machine, designed to sever and bevel 7″ through 60″ in-line tube and pipe.

Learn why New Zealand-based Culham Engineering relies on the 600 Series RBL clamshell pipe-cutting lathes in this Solution Profile.

Tube Severing Equipment

Our 500 Series tube cutting equipment offers ultra-precision and flexibility in a compact size. These tube severing machines are well-suited for the demands of high-purity applications.

See the compact Model 550 Chipless Tube Cutting System, which provides quick, reliable cuts.

Watch the Model 576AC SEVERMASTER™ tube severing machine, designed for 2.0” to 6.63″ diameter tubes and thin-wall pipe.

View the Model 5716AC SEVERMASTER™, offering repeatable precision for severing thin-wall pipe and large tubes.

Tube Squaring Equipment

Tri Tool’s tube squaring equipment provides the unparalleled reliability and precision that have become industry-wide standards. This series delivers repeatable, dependable precision in an easily portable design.

Watch our 300 Series tube squaring machines, which provide precision weld preparation for high-purity applications in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biomedical, petrochemical and aerospace industries.

View the Model 301.5SP tube squaring machine, which extends the tube squaring range up to 1.50” tubing.

View the Model 301.5SP tube squaring machine, which extends the tube squaring range up to 1.50” tubing.

Pipeline Machining Equipment

Our precision pipe facing equipment delivers repeatable, dependable results for beveling, facing and counterboring pipe as well as related machining operations. Our PipeMASTER series is designed specifically for the most difficult offshore and deepwater applications.

View a short demo of the TERRAMAX midstream pipe facing machine, offering versatility, dependability and maximum user control.

See the ILUC internal line up clamp series, developed specifically to provide internal line up for welding of small-bore piping systems.

Watch the Model PFM 4876 PIPEMASTER™ ID Mounted Portable Pipeline Beveling System, which bevels, faces and counterbores pipes from 48” to 76” in diameter.

AdaptARC Mechanized Orbital Welding Videos

Tri Tool’s AdaptARC orbital welder sets the industry standard for repeatable, precise welds in the most demanding applications. Designed for versatility and flexibility, our orbital welding equipment provides a wide range of processes, including GTAW, GMAW-P, GMAW-S and FCAW.

See our AdaptARC mechanized orbital welder in action, with chain and link programs available for non-stop welding from root to cap.

In this Solution Profile, find out why Culham Engineering relies on AdaptARC for its customers’ demanding requirements.

Learn how Tri Tool and Sauer Group cooperated to achieve 100% X-ray-quality welds for a cryogenic plant that processes natural gas in southeastern Ohio.

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