Precision, Performance, People

Since 1972, Tri Tool has delivered on the winning combination of precision, performance and people: precision engineering; proven performance and innovation, and people who will always find a way to solve a customer’s problem, no matter how challenging. That’s Building Performance: The Tri Tool Way.

Today, Tri Tool enters a new era of delivering on safety. Our newest portable pipe and tube cutting machines, facing machines and industrial welding machines, as well as those we are building for tomorrow, are Safer by Design: Safer to use without sacrificing all of the precision, power and performance you have come to expect from the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of precision portable machine tools, automatic welding machines, pipe beveling machines, and pipeline facing machines.

As we move forward, we will continually strive to produce innovative, game-changing and safer products that reflect the relationship and trust you have placed in us as a manufacturer and as an on-site field machining services provider. Our people are always prepared to walk beside you to ensure that you can do your job effectively, efficiently and safely, whether that be for the offshore or onshore pipe construction, power generation, high purity, or the industrial plant maintenance markets.

From engineering to shipping, Tri Tool’s commitment to precision, performance, and people shines through. Tri Tool manufacturing promotes safety and pride of workmanship for its operators and is dedicated to environmental responsibility. Our assembly shop is full of talented machinists with decades of experience in the assembly of precision portable machines and orbital welding machines. We assemble, test, and quality check each product before it leaves our shop so the portable machine tools you receive deliver the performance you expect.

Tri Tool Products, Built for Safety, Built for Performance, Built for Precision, Built for You.

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