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Energy Plants: Nuclear, Oil, Gas & Electric

Tri Tool is a recognized name in the energy generation industry, having pioneered in-place pipe machining for power plant decommissioning. Since then, we have grown to produce a wide range of powerful, precise portable severing and pipe beveling machine tools that fulfill the rigorous requirements of power plants that depend on high-pressure, heavy-wall piping systems, headers, heat exchangers and water walls.

Our 200 Series BEVELMASTER ID mounted beveling machines have become the standard pipe machining equipment to which all other machinery is compared for power and dependability. Tri Tool’s experience in pipe beveling and orbital welding equipment design and advanced engineering expertise enable us to produce numerous custom equipment solutions for – for nuclear and fossil energy plants.

Tri Tool is well suited to the challenge of developing unique, innovative pipe machining equipment for unusual or hazardous applications, incorporating features such as fully remote operation, waste canister cutting, and welding, portable CNC cutting and more.

Not only can we design the machine tools to solve your piping issue, but we can also provide the skilled technicians to complete the work. Our on-site machining capabilities include technicians qualified in nuclear and specialty welding with experience in power plant construction, maintenance and decommissioning.

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