Tube Cutting, Squaring Machines for Pharma, Semicon, Biomedical

Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, and Biomedical

In industries requiring production or use of high and ultra-high purity fluids, the assurance of having high-quality welded tubing systems is critical. Tri Tool’s stainless steel tube cutting and squaring machines deliver on ultra-precise end preparation – the most crucial factor in achieving consistent, quality welds on ID polished stainless steel tubing. Our tube severing and squaring machines were designed to be the perfect complement to autogenous tube welding systems and have become the preferred weld prep tools for cleanroom tubing system fabrication professionals.

Tri Tool offers multiple models of tube cutting and squaring machines to accommodate a wide range of applications in high-purity environments like pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and biomedical. Additionally, our team of experienced design engineers can modify or customize equipment to your unique applications.

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