Adding a Hot Wire Kit to the AdaptARC® welding system provides many advantages

Our Hot Wire Kit is an optional accessory designed to expand the GTAW control and deposition rates of the OrbitMaster® programmable weld console and DualARC weld head.

The Hot Wire Kit applies power to the weld filler wire to preheat the wire as it travels towards the weld puddle. The temperature choice of the wire can vary widely, from just sightly heated to
temperatures approaching the wire melting point depending on the filler wire material, weld geometry, and the parent material being welded.

The hot wire process provides major benefits over the standard ambient wire temperature GTAW process:

• Hot wire GTAW allows for increased filler wire deposition rate.
• Lower arc power may be used, reducing the heat affected zone.
• High energy input can be used without losing weld pool control.

The Hot Wire Kit includes an auxiliary Power Supply and controller PC board that are installed into the ORBITMASTER console, bi-directional wire positioning mechanism, hot wire shield gas tubing, special Hot Wire quill assembly, operator manual, and all required cabling and connections.

The Hot Wire Kit price includes OEM factory installation and testing. Extending the AdaptARC system to incorporate hot wire functionality requires some modification of the OrbitMaster
console including special labeling of input and output points, and some modifications to the DualARC weld head.

Call to speak with our welding technical support team and learn about the many advantages of using hot wire capabilities today.

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