Answering the Call for a More Versatile Midstream Pipe Facing Machine

In designing a new pipe facing machine for the onshore industry, Tri Tool wanted to leverage its more than 30 years of engineering expertise in nuclear and offshore equipment to develop a piece of equipment that was specifically tailored for the midstream market.

The result is the TERRAMAX® PFM, a midstream pipe facing machine that provides the quality, precision and durability that one expects of Tri Tool products while also answering the onshore industry’s call for greater versatility, efficiency and safety.

Developed in close collaboration with midstream pipeline equipment professionals around the world, the TERRAMAX pipe facing machine incorporates the features they most desired:

  • Increased Versatility: With a 24″ to 48″ cutting range, the PFM covers a wide range of pipe sizes, eliminating the need for additional pipe facing machines. The 7” of axial feed travel allow for faster and more forgiving placement in the pipe end and provide the travel needed for up to 6” of deep counterboring with optional accessories.
  • Efficient Design:  Weighing less than 6,000 pounds, this pipe facing machine can easily be transported or repositioned with existing excavators or a hydraulic boom, eliminating the need for special transport equipment. Additionally, the TERRAMAX needs only one supply hose – something novel in the industry – instead of separate main and feed supply hoses, reducing the need for additional parts while making the machine lighter and easier to move.
  • Better Performance:  The built-in anti-vibration properties offer better surface finishes, while the smart logic control system is an operator’s friend. An easy-to-use 12V DC digital control console continually senses and precisely provides the hydraulic power demands of both the rotational drive, as well as the head feed in real time.
  • Improved Safety: Sliding chip guard doors with latches are included on both sides of the machine, each with an interlock switch to protect the operator and stop the machine if a door is opened during operation.  A safety interlock system monitors the state of the machine in real time and prevents the operator from unclamping the PFM while machining.  A ‘jog’ switch slowly rotates the faceplate for safe and efficient tooling setup. Re-engineered safeguards and a protective cage that resolves clearance issues improve safety and operability.

The TERRAMAX pipe facing machine also maintains the precision machining capabilities known across Tri Tool’s product portfolio, including meeting tight weld criteria and exacting bevel tolerances.

Tri Tool’s 2 for 1 Deal

Best of all, Tri Tool has engineered the TERRAMAX so that it can be offered at a price point comparable to other PFMs that feature half the cutting range.  The 24”-48” cutting range eliminates the need for two separate machines of 24”-36” and 36”-48”.   You do have the option to rent but so far the price point has made it so that the decision is an automatic buy.

Contact Tri Tool for more information about the TERRAMAX midstream pipe facing machine. 

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