Buy Smart with our Rent To Own Program!

Have you ever noticed that regardless of how much equipment you have, there will always be those jobs that you can’t perform without exactly the right tool? Sometimes the need for a certain tool is not apparent until an emergency outage or work stoppage happens. One of the best ways to solve this dilemma is to utilize equipment rental.

Tri Tool maintains a large rental machine tool inventory of all types.  These can be configured and rapidly deployed from our national network of support facilities in Atlanta GA, Stafford TX, and Rancho Cordova CA.

A big advantage to our customers is that within 30 days of the rental beginning, 100% of the rental costs are waived if you decide to purchase the equipment. It’s like a free rental for the first 29 days!

Simply call your representative and you will receive a quote for the rental equipment purchase. This amount is then discounted, based on the length of time since the rental began. Your discount is never less than 50% even if the rental term is more than 90 days.

There is no better way to determine how a piece of equipment will fit in with your construction or repair inventory than trying it in advance. Rent-to-Own gives you peace of mind through hands-on
experience with the machine, and direct input from your personnel to assist you with your purchasing decision.

There are additional savings when you purchase rental equipment because you avoid equipment return shipping costs too. Tri Tool’s customer friendly Rent-to-Own program is a fantastic, cost effective equipment acquisition method.

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