Tri Tool Custom Engineering and Manufacturing: Get Reliable Custom Machinery Solutions Suited to Your Project

When your work requirements are beyond the scope of standard machinery or you need custom engineering solutions for a specific application, we can provide equipment ranging from simple modifications to new, custom designed and built machinery.

As a world-renown producer of precision portable machine tools, our customers have always turned to us for custom machine tools and custom engineering solutions to perform operations beyond the capabilities of standard machine tools.

Our advanced engineering and extensive project assistance capabilities are what sets us apart from other equipment manufacturers. That is why hundreds of companies around the world have trusted Tri Tool to satisfy their custom engineering and machinery needs. Customers are often surprised to find how effective custom equipment can be, and soon realize how much time and money can be saved when you have rapid and efficient equipment solutions working for you.

We have greatly expanded our engineering staff and production capabilities to better provide solutions for your complex applications. We have deployed new state-of-the-art, high-volume automated CNC mills and lathes to maximize our manufacturing capacity to be able to meet your custom equipment needs better than ever before.

Why Custom-Built Machinery

Tri Tool can extend the cutting range of standard tools, automate operations, enable difficult tolerances to be met or enable machines to perform unusual cuts. Special clamping fixtures can be produced that allow machinery to securely hold specific fittings or tubing assemblies, and specialized form tool bits can be designed to produce complex cutting results.

Regardless of whether your need is a special tool bit, a simple modification to one of our standard tools, or a completely new piece of equipment from the ground up, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle your most demanding applications.

Our pipe cutting machines can be modified for increased productivity or specific operations. Examples include remote control panels that provide reliable operation in hazardous or confined environments, alternate drive sources such as pneumatic, hydraulic, or AC or DC electric drive motors, specially engineered collet and saddle systems to grip unique components, and automated feed and clamping systems.

Machinery can be designed to cut by means of alternative methods such as roller wheels. Roller wheel cutters are important for use where no chips or cutting debris can be produced (as with radioactive materials) or where space is extremely limited.

Tri Tool can provide many custom machining and welding solutions that can be custom tailored to take advantage of one of our facilities that may be strategically located in your region.

We Work With You to Find a Solution

Let us know about your unique machining project challenges. Tri Tool has the personnel, facility, equipment rental, on-site service, and specialized equipment resources to create flexible, practical work solutions that benefit our customers.

It all starts with a simple call to our helpful and experienced custom machinery representatives. They’ll ensure you’ll get reliable equipment, that’s perfectly suited to your work. With our custom engineered and manufactured equipment, you get the same uncompromising quality, precision, durability, and high-performance as our standard range equipment. Tri Tool is fully committed to providing the highest quality and top performing portable machine tools in the industry. Learn more about our custom engineering solutions process in this informative infographic. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

Contact Tri Tool to get started on your custom machinery project.


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