The appeal of physically attending an industrial traditional trade show continues to endure. What’s the secret to their success?

The continuing popularity of expos and trade shows comes from an ideal win-win opportunity for networking, and a welcome chance for you to get away to a fresh location to fully absorb the developments and trends of your particular business.

The immediate and frank exchange of information that occurs between attendees and exhibitors can offer dynamic insights and understanding that are unlikely to happen otherwise. The limitations of conducting business over the telephone often limits interactions to a seller-buyer order-placing transaction.

Often, both the select attendees and show representatives are drawn from the ranks of key personnel such as corporate executives, product development or purchasing management.

Trade shows provide you with the unique ability to rub elbows with like professionals (and competitors) who are all trying to put their best foot forward with their product introductions. This can also provide invaluable insight into the competitive landscape.

Even with traditional advertising, literature, press releases, and the growing reliance on internet video, it is a much more fulfilling experience when you see a product in person, and possibly meet the people directly responsible for it’s production.

The reality is that taking time to research questions and getting answers for specific product issues invariably takes you away from your regular daily duties. At trade shows, people on either side of the vendor/customer divide are both present for the express
purpose of information exchange.

One of the greatest benefits occurs when a company decides who will attend a show. Ideally, at least one person actually responsible for operating equipment is attending. Many times their direct questions regarding new product features and capabilities are vastly different than corporate executives that will ultimately never be expected to operate any machinery.

Trade shows offer you a distinct advantage to address specific equipment solutions that can be beyond the scope of generic web sites and marketing literature. In our industry, comprehensive solutions can be complex, involving specialized equipment, custom engineering, on-site contract machining and welding, or equipment rental options that you need to discuss.

Tri Tool always ensures that experienced and knowledgeable representatives are on hand at each of our shows to assist you with your most demanding project or production challenges.

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