Get a better grasp of your Heat Exchanger Projects

If you perform heat exchanger construction and maintenance, the Model 202TS TS is the perfect solution to rapidly and repeatably face, square and chamfer tube ends and bores in preparation for welding. The tool’s fast and secure pneumatic clamping, hardened tool blocks and self-centering mandrel provide precise alignment. Achieving accurate bit depth is easy with a patented lever feed system with an integral depth stop.

Tube Mounting Range* (Standard mandrel) 0.77” to 1.95”

  • Facing from .77” ID to 2.375” OD
  • Counter-boring from 1.00” ID to 2.00” OD

Tube Mounting Range* (Small mandrel) 0.50” to 0.78”

  • Facing from 0.50” to 1.19” OD
  • Counter-boring from 0.50” ID to 0.75” OD
  • Up to 0.187” max wall in the ranges listed.

Tube removal cutting on tubes from 0.50” ID to 2.375” OD provided the width of cut does not exceed 0.187”.

Call for more information on this remarkable, time-saving tool and specialized assistance with heat exchanger applications.

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