Midstream Pipeline Equipment that Ensures Maximum Versatility and User Control

When we introduced our ground-breaking PIPEMASTER® pipe facing machines, they raised the bar for performance and precision standards typical for the offshore industry. Now our new TERRAMAX line of midstream pipeline equipment continues that distinguished legacy with rugged, reliable, and easy-to-use equipment that ensures you can confidently meet your toughest project production deadlines and budgets.

TERRAMAX PFM midstream pipeline equipment cutting in action

TERRAMAX pipe facing machines can be easily hardware configured for the pipe facing between 24” through 48” pipes, and can cut up to 1.125” (31.75mm) wall thicknesses.

Mobile Midstream Pipeline Equipment

TERRAMAX was developed through close collaboration with midstream pipeline equipment professionals around the world. Their input was critically important and was incorporated into our new equipment to deliver the maximum precision and performance that you expect, along with operator advantages you’ll want.

This remarkable system offers innovative extended machining capabilities such as the ability to perform counterbores, eliminating the need for additional counterbore equipment.

Improved modularity means that your equipment can be re-configured to ideally match your work requirements with minimal change-over time when prep diameters change.

One of the key features of the TERRAMAX pipe facing machine is its practical, one input – one output hydraulic hose connection. This is made possible by an intuitive and easy-to-use 12V DC digital control console. This console continually senses and precisely provides the hydraulic power demands of both the rotational drive, as well as the head feed in real time.

This means the HPU does not need two separate pumps that have to operate simultaneously, significantly decreasing the size and complexity of the TERRAMAX midstream pipeline equipment system. This makes our PFM much easier to integrate with your fleet of excavators or boom trucks, or any stationary hydraulic power supply situation.

TERRAMAX PFMs feature:

  • Smart safety guard doors that interrupt PFM power if opened
  • Controls with built-in logic for improved safety and reliability
  • Simplified hydraulics with a single pressure line and return line
  • Optimal power-to-weight ratio means rapid, easy positioning
  • Use with your existing excavators and boom trucks

The TERRAMAX ensures that you get optimal weld prep beveling for rapid and reliable production times, along with high-integrity welding results – every time.

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