Get Increased Safety with On-Site Services

Because this issue of our newsletter is focused on On-Site Machining Services and welding, it’s important to know that one way you can get increased safety is by utilizing experienced on-site services.

There is a direct correlation between an equipment operator’s level of experience and training and a significant reduction of on-the-job accidents. A lack of adequate training and operational experience with any powerful rotating machinery presents a higher likelihood of preventable operator hazards and accidents that could significantly impact a project’s overall safety record.

When you choose to augment your existing staff with operators from Tri Tool on-site machining and welding, you get the peace of mind of knowing that your project will proceed with a higher likelihood of achieving a perfect safety record. You also have the additional advantage that our specialized contracted on-site services personnel will be equipped with properly configured and up-to-date machinery ideally suited to the operation being performed.

While in the process of performing on-site services, the contractor can observe the operations to assist in developing their own safety Best Practices Guidelines. Tri Tool on-site personnel can train your employees on the correct operation of new equipment that has just been purchased, or rented from our vast equipment rental inventory.

Any way you look at it, consider On-Site Services to ensure a higher degree of job site safety for your project or workplace.

Learn more about our on-site services and training programs or call to review your project requirements or application with one of our service managers.

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