The importance of high quality tool bits

Who has not marveled at the speed, effort and attention that pit crews pay to their car’s racing tires. What does this have to do with your tool bits?

The answer is performance. One thing professional racing teams understand, is that even the most advanced racing cars in the world can not deliver peak performance unless the tires can transfer the ultimate power to the track.

In the world of racing, the tire represents the critical interface between the equipment and the medium. As the tire becomes progressively worn, it loses more and more of its ability to deliver traction, and that negatively affects performance. Pit crews replace tires as needed to maintain winning performance.

One of the major advantages of Tri Tool® equipment is their maximum performance. This can only be achieved when using tool bits that are sharp and matched to the pipe alloy.

When it comes to portable machine tools, the tool bit is “where the rubber meets the road.” Just like with racing tires, in order to achieve the full potential from your equipment, the tool bit condition will make a significant difference in reducing cut cycle time, precision and surface finish results.

There is no way to eliminate tire wear on a racetrack. The good news is that with tool bits there are some things you can do to extend the life of the bit, and keep them cutting like new. By simply ensuring that any bit you use is matched to the material you are cutting (different materials can require special bit geometries) you will get the most bit life. This is why our growing tool bit roster is well over 12,000 individual bit designs!

In addition to using the best bit, other parameters such as using the correct coolant, surface speed and feed pressure also make a big difference in your machining quality.

Keep in mind, those used bits can usually be resharpened so there’s no reason to be working with worn bits.

Like a racing tire, our tool bits are designed for top performance.

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