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300 Series Tube Squaring and 500 Series Tube Severing Equipment Catalog

Find out about the latest line of precision portable TRI TOOL® tube severing and squaring machinery with this all new feature catalog. These easy-to-use machines provide rapid, reliable, and repeatable weld preps each and every time on 1/8" to 8" tubing and microfittings, making them the perfect companions to autogenous orbital welding equipment.

200 Series ID Mount Pipe Machining Equipment Catalog

This catalog features I.D. mounted 200 Series tools for portable machining of 1/8” to 60” tube and pipe. These easy set-up, heavy-duty machines provide in-place machine shop precision bevels for weld end preparation, flange facing, single point machining for compound bevels and counterboring, and other special application solutions.

Tri Tool Services Brochure

This new brochure features the wide range of services offered by Tri Tool Services including Code Welding and Specialty Machining solutions. When you think of all of your options, Tri Tool is the right choice for your on-site machining operations.

600 Series OD Mount Split Frame Severing and Beveling Equipment Catalog

Discover the complete line of portable 600 Series split-frame SB and RBL Clamshell lathes which provide precision in-line cutting of from 1/4" to 60." Clamshells can be configured to provide simultaneous sever and bevel or, when used on open ended pipe, can perform single-point machining of complex bevels and counterboring. Pneumatic, hydraulic or electric drives can be used depending on model and application, and mounting systems are available for thin to heavy wall pipe.

Pipeline Equipment Catalog

Discover our wide range of pipeline equipent with the (PFM) 1632, 816, and 614 pipe facing machines, the Deep C'bore System, the (ILUC) Internal Line-Up Clamps, the (HSS) High-Speed Sever and (WPS) Weld Profile Systems, and Tri Tool's powerful (HPU) Hydraulic Power Supplies.  Version 1.0.0  1.16 MBDownload

AdaptARC Welding Products Brochure

This new brochure focuses on Tri Tool's AdaptARC® welding solutions including the multi-process OrbitMaster® Digital Programmable Weld Control Console and the DualARC® multi-process TIG-MIG orbital weld head. Information about Pulse Spray Transfer GMAW for metal cladding is also featured.

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