The new TRIMAX lathe demonstrates our Commitment to Operator Safety.

To a large extent, the safety factor of tube and pipe cutting equipment can not be “built into” a machine. Machinery is not always used correctly by a skilled and qualified operator. Also, when machinery is used beyond it’s design limitations, used in a state of disrepair, used with incorrect bits or consumables, or improper accessories the likelihood of operator injury increases.

With some portable tube and pipe machinery, a problem has always existed when protruding elements rotate past stationary structures on the machine body, or in the machines immediate surroundings.

Our revolutionary TRIMAX machining system directly addresses this problem with our innovative, patented
bearing technology that internalizes components that have previously created “pinch points.” This safer design is a major step forward in portable machine tool operator safety.

Conventional machinery has been produced to address this problem through the use of remote control pendants that permit the operator to be further away from the pinch points when the machine is rotating.

This method is fine when you have sufficient space to operate the machine from a safe distance, but is more
comparable to painting the ends of an airplane propeller for higher visibility of the spinning hazard. It is much safer to design a system to eliminate the protrusions that cause the rotating machine hazard in the first place.

TRIMAX cutting bit engagement controls and motor inputs are located as far as possible from the rotating elements of the machine. The headstock locks to prevent inadvertent load shifting when the tool is separated.

Utilizing safer tube and pipe cutting equipment gives you a competitive advantage when underwriting projects at the planning stage and contribute to a company’s overall safety rating, an important consideration for our customers that are contract service providers.

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