Practical Advantages of OEM Contract Services

An OEM, Tri Tool can provide dynamic custom equipment solutions for both scheduled outages and for Nuclear contingency planning.

The field of nuclear power is one of exceptional specialization. Rarely are generic services or equipment the exact solution you need, from plant to plant or project to project. That’s where we can help.

This high degree of variability makes it hard to have the perfect equipment on hand for the different challenges that arise. Also, some of the specialized operations needed may be outside the scope of the training or experience of your facility personnel.

An effective alternative is to utilize OEM contract services. Our personnel are highly trained for on-site machining and welding. They come equipped with a broad range of equipment to tackle the most demanding precision projects you may have.

When your project requires custom equipment or tooling, OEM service personnel can assist you by performing the services, or with the on-site training of your facility maintenance personnel.

Custom remote controlled Tube Severing system

A custom manufactured, totally remote control Tube Severing system designed for safe operation in hazardous environments.

One example of this type of tool was a custom Tri Tool Model 576AC SEVERMASTER® Tube Severing Machine (shown at left) that was custom modified to be accurately operated by a remote control console.

This machine featured programmable control logic and was designed with a sealed motor, a chipless roller-wheel cutting module FME feature (to eliminate cutting debris), variable speed control, and electronically actuated roller cutter feed and a collet type tube clamping system.

Custom equipment can be produced to the utility’s exacting specifications or with OEM engineering support on a contingency basis, in preparation for future planned maintenance or for possible emergency outages.

Our OEM manufacturing capability can produce exact mock-up fixtures that precisely duplicate vessel sections or piping system components, an essential aid for Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), procedure qualification, and operational readiness training.

Whether run by our contract service technicians or by your facility personnel, the ability to produce custom tools to address essential maintenance requirements is an important management option for nuclear environments.

Custom equipment and/or contract machining and welding services can reduce your scheduled or emergency downtime with exactly the right tools needed to satisfy your plant maintenance, construction, or decommissioning requirements.

While we have focused on the Nuclear field, these same procedures can assist greatly with any crucial operation involving custom equipment or testing mock-ups, regardless of the industry or type of machining operation you may need.

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