Press Release: Introducing Tri Tool’s Sales Group Technical Managers

We want to introduce you to our Group Technical Managers.  This is a new position for Tri Tool and was created to provide more technical expertise for you, our customers.

Although our sales teams are extremely experienced, most with over 25 years with Tri Tool, and some who have also worked in the field, our Group Technical Managers will give added support with their over 15 years of working in the field as service technicians all over the world.

The Group Technical Manager will help in troubleshooting concerns with our equipment for our customers, help with demonstration and training on equipment, or determine when a custom equipment solution is the best bet to complete a project, and help the customer through that process.

Always call your regional sales reps first, but if they are unavailable, and you have an urgent technical question, please feel free to reach out to one of your regional technical managers.

Pat Parker will work with all sales teams and customers west of the Mississippi, while Thad Hales will work with everyone east of the Mississippi River.

Photo of Pat Parker, Group Technical Manager

Pat Parker, Group Technical Manager


Photo of Thad Hales Group Technical Manager

Thad Hales, Group Technical Manager


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