Model 224B Pipe Beveling Machine


Heavy-Duty Beveling Machine

The extremely rugged and dependable Model 224B BEVELMASTER™ portable ID mount pipe beveling machine tool is ideal for beveling, facing and/or counterboring on larger pipe. The tool is configured with an in-line feed knob and two-speed pneumatic drive motor at a right angle to the lathe head. The Model 224B System pipe beveling machine comes complete with (3) tool holder assemblies, mandrel assemblies, mandrel head assemblies (3 jaws), upper lifting frame (floor stand available as an option), pneumatic motor assembly wrench kit and operator’s manual. This is the new standard of precision in larger diameter beveling.

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Model 224B Pipe Beveling Machine

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Bevel, Counterbore, Flange Face, Hydraulic, ID Track, Miter Mandrel, Pneumatic, Single Point, Sleeve Mandrel (optional), Square/Face, Std Mandrel


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  • 8″ to 24″ (219.1 to 609.6mm) Pipe Range
  • Single Point Extension, 7” to 42” OD (177.8 to 1066.8mm)
  • Wall Thickness 2.34” (59.44mm)
  • Flange Facing Attachment, 12” to 50” OD (304.8 to 1270mm)
  • Miter Mandrel, 7” to 24.25” ID (177.8 to 616mm)
  • 3 Jaw or Miter Mandrel Extension, out to 42” ID (1066.8mm)
  • Out of Round Tracker, min ID 11.75” (298.5mm)
  • Pneumatic Motor (95 cfm (45 L/s) at 90 psi (621 kPa) air supply)
  • Hydraulic Motor
  • Form Tool or Carbide Insert Cutting
  • Bevel, Counterbore, Face, ID Chamfer, Flange Face
  • Preparation on mild, chrome, stainless, copper-nickel alloy
  • Special procedures for: inconel, other high temp alloys
  • Quick Change Dual Speed Gearbox
  • Three Integrated Tooling Arms for Multiple Machining Operations
  • Removable Lifting Frame for Limited Clearance Operation
  • Multiple Position Lifting Ring for Ease of Handling
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