Model 75-0115 Air Caddy


The Air Caddy (P/N 75-0115) is a modular Filter/Regulator/Lubricator (FRL) unit.

The filter removes solid and liquid contaminates in compressed air that produce wear in air driven equipment.

The regulator reduces and holds compressed air to a desired working pressure.

The lubricator automatically lubricates air driven equipment by introducing small droplets of oil into the air stream.

The Air Caddy is supplied with 10’ (3m) of 3/4” (19mm) diameter hose with a 3/4” NPT male end connect to the outlet port on the Air Caddy and a quick disconnect to connect to the tool.

The inlet port of the Air Caddy is a 3/4” NPT female to which the customer must provide an air supply line.

The Air Caddy is recommended for use with all air motors supplied with TRI TOOL Inc. products.


Model 75-0115 Air Caddy

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