Weld Crown Reduction/Removal Tool

OD mounted accessory for Tri Tool’s clamshell pipe cutter machines that removes weld crown to base metal

When it is necessary to remove a weld crown to be flush with the parent outside diameter of a pipe, the Weld Crown Removal Module (WCRM) bolt-on accessory for our split-frame clamshell pipe cutter machines provides a practical and reliable solution.

The WCRM attaches to the headstock in place of the standard tool modules, being mounted on an adapter that fits within the radial envelope of the clamshell pipe cutter. The tool holder module is available in a tracking or non-tracking configuration. In tracking type modules, the tool holders are spring-loaded and track the actual shape of the pipe, resulting in a constant depth of cut.

The tool bit can be set for contact with the parent material of the pipe, or above the surface to any desired amount within the travel limits of the module.

The WCRM comes equipped with manual radial and axial feed, but auto-feed mechanisms can be provided if desired.  A second important function that this accessory can perform is precision OD shaft turning or machining.

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Weld Crown Reduction/Removal Tool

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