TRIMAX Machining System

TRIMAX Machining System

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Tri Tool’s many years as an OEM providing high-quality, world-class portable pipe cutting machines has resulted in a vast body of experience, as well as the excellent opportunity to learn our customers’ needs and expectations from our many tools.

Having developed countless variations, configurations and special engineered versions of the split frame pipe lathe, we became keenly aware of the fact that the true nature of the “clamshell” lathe was not simply a machine that could be split and mounted in-line along a pipe.  Its real advantage was that it was an ideal platform for limitless machining operations.

Tri Tool’s TRIMAX pipe lathe is endorsed by Construction Solutions, a part of the Construction Safety Division within the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as a product that, “…follows the Prevention through Design concept…

Tri Tool offers a variety of models of its TRIMAX pipe lathes to meet a broad range of pipe diameter requirements:

TRIMAX Portable Pipe Lathe Key Features

  • No external tripper or drive block pinch points for operator safety
  • Patented recirculating bearing enables faster and heavier cutting
  • Toe clamps for infinite adjustments without having to remove bolts
  • Tripper handle at the rear of pipe cutting machine for increased safety and away from rotating elements
  • Auto-lock headstock engages whenever the frame is separated
  • Tool module sizes that are practically flush to frame for improved safety and for working in confined spaces
  • Multiple tripper locations provide easy feed rate selection
  • Feed stays engaged during adjustment so modules can’t accidentally slide off

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