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AdaptARC Orbital Welder

AdaptARC offers maximum operator flexibility with unique multi-process configurability that allows you to switch rapidly back and forth between GTAW & GMAW or FCAW with the SAME weld head and power supply. All of AdaptARC’s orbital welding equipment is engineered to deliver the superior precision, control, dependability, and ease-of-use that customers worldwide have come to expect from Tri Tool’s excellent portable machine tools. Work faster with AdaptARC’s patented features and save time with Tri Tool’s patented Quick Change Torch. This allows change over from process to process in a few minutes without removing the head from the track.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer that you are looking for, please use our online form and we will be glad to get your questions answered.

For both TIG an MIG processes, what bevel configurations will work for each?

J-Bevel is acceptable for both Tig and Mig. V-groove is recommended for Mig.

Can the orbital welding machine weld on all positions?

Yes, it can weld on all positions.

For the MIG process, the welding system can do uphill welding including root pass, but can it do downhill as well?

The orbital welding machine can weld 360 degrees with GMAW.

Can the system do FCAW process?

Flux Core (GMAW) can be done with this orbital welder.

Can the orbital welding system do Hot Wire welding?

The machine can be configured for Hot Wire welding with an additional kit.

How many guide tracks (rings) will I need?

It depends on the sizes of the pipes you are welding. One ring can mount up to 3 different pipe sizes.

Can the welding system weld both Carbon Steel and DSS?

Yes, both materials are able to be welded by the AdaptARC orbital welder. Welding on high alloy pipes can also be achieved, performed quickly and with 100% acceptance.

What is the smallest pipe or tube diameter and wall thickness recommended?

The smallest size track that the head can use is the one for 6″ pipe. All welding system track, including the 6″ size can be mounted on pipe two sizes smaller. That makes 2″ the smallest pipe size for the system. The limitation on how small the wall thickness can be is the pipe needs to be stiff enough to tighten the track enough to securely hold the welding head without distorting the pipe.

What HI-LO / out of roundness can the system take without doing any machining?

The machine can weld Hi-Lo and pass an x-ray, but will have to be reviewed on a case by case basis.

In the event my OrbitMASTER controller requires repair, how easily can it be fixed?

Our AdaptArc technicians will coordinate with you to diagnose a problem with your ORBITMASTER® controller. A determination will then be made if the repair can be completed by you or the controller will need to be returned to us for repair. The design of the system lends itself to on-site repairs. For instance, if it’s determined to be a board issue, you can simply replace the old board, in-situ, by removing a few screws, sliding out the old board, and replacing it with a new board provided by Tri Tool.

Which power supply comes with the orbital welding machine and what are the voltage configurations? Is the welding system compatible with other power supplies?

The Miller XMT450 CC/CV is currently supplied with the welding machine. The system’s input power requirements are either 230VAC, 51A, 60Hz, 3-phase or 460VAC, 28A, 60Hz, 3-phase. The welding system is compatible with other power supplies. Please contact your representative for more information.

Are the consumable parts used in the AdaptARC custom and and difficult or expensive to obtain?

Just as Tri Tool supports customers who have acquired one of our pipe cutting and beveling tools with high-quality parts, AdaptArc system owners will be able to acquire consumables quickly and economically directly from Tri Tool or one of its authorized distributors; at your option, you may also acquire consumable parts that are manufactured by world recognized manufacturers from your local welding supply distributor.

What automatic welding programs come standard with AdaptARC and how do I acquire programs for other applications?

AdaptArc currently comes standard with a wide variety of welding programs for different applications such as 6” carbon steel pipe with GTAW from start to finish and GTAW/GMAW-P for 12” carbon steel pipe. The orbital welding system is also supplied with a detailed set of user-friendly programming instructions to help your welder program the system for their unique application. While custom programs can be ordered from Tri Tool you have the flexibility to develop your own weld procedures.

Many companies offering automatic orbital welding machines claim to be flexible; what is an example of a feature unique to AdaptARC's welding system that provides true flexibility?

It is the only true DUAL HEAD welding system in the welding industry that can switch between GTAW and GMAW-P/FCAW in only a few minutes with no need to remove the weld head from the track.

With good maintenance practice, what would be the life expectancy of the equipment?

The heavy wear components, such as drive rollers that move the head around the track, have proven to be extremely durable. It is expected that, other than for the replacement of normal consumable items, the welding system should provide hundreds of hours of operation prior to servicing.

Besides the applicable track to use AdaptARC's unique flexibility to weld on pipe from 2" - 10' diameters; what accessories may be required?

You may be required to purchase an additional length of umbilical power cord depending on diameter.

What kind of support will I receive when I buy an orbital welding machine?

We have an entire Engineering Department devoted to welding that can provide you with detailed information. As an initial step, please contact your Tri Tool salesman or representative, or use our online form to get your questions answered.

Where can I see this orbital welder in operation or as a demonstration?

You can see the orbital welding machine demonstrated in one of our facilities. Our main office is located in Rancho Cordova, CA. It is best to contact your regional sales manager to determine the best facility for your demonstration.

Demonstrations and training can be done at your facility or on-site for a fee.  Please contact your sales representative.


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