Regional Facilities – Offer Outstanding Local Customer Support

Tri Tool has established our two regional facilities to better serve our customers across the nation. With our main administrative, manufacturing, sales and engineering headquarters located on the West Coast, our strategically located satellite offices provide improved logistics for product inventory, repair and regional shipping points for our Eastern and Gulf Coast customers.

Our dedicated regional offices also serve as dynamic service, demo, and training hubs for our On-Site Machining and Welding Services to improve our response time and provide a robust local inventory of machine tools, parts and accessories ready to rapidly respond to any service requirement you may have.

Our two offices are located in Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee (just outside of Chattanooga), and Stafford, Texas (a suburb of Houston.

With a large number of industrial customers in each of these areas, having a fully staffed regional office helps us maintain the extraordinary level of dependable customer service and equipment support that our customers have come to expect.

Equipment logistics is always a crucial factor when trying to transport heavy equipment to destinations around the world. Domestically, Tri Tool can ensure better customer support by maintaining regional inventories so that equipment can be more rapidly shipped to wherever it is needed, especially in the event of an emergency outage when delivery time would be a critical factor.

Tri Tool’s approach to our regional facilities is to let the services and equipment demands of the different regions determine our regional capabilities. This allows our experienced and top-notch staffs at these facilities to better tailor their support to the different industrial customer bases.

For example, due to the fact that the Gulf Coast region has a high volume of midstream piping requirements for the oil & gas industry, the flexibility and on-call nature of our Stafford facility gave us the ability to set-up temporary pipe fabrication operations. This contract service was able to perform extremely accurate, 7-Axis deep counterbore machining on pipe ends to support a major pipeline contractor on an as-needed basis.

This level of flexible response to whatever requirements our regional customers may have is the perfect result of having offices located where they can be of maximum convenience and effectiveness.

Of course, the other crucial element in making our regional offices so valuable is the high quality personnel that have the training and experience to immediately respond to the ever-changing work demands of our customers in those areas.

Call for more information about how our regional offices can help you with any regional projects or inventory you require.

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