Our Regional Offices Provide You With Beneficial Fabrication Capabilities

Recently, our Houston area regional office located in Stafford, TX, performed a custom service job inside our facility. The project requirements were for deep counterboring operations on anti-corrosion coated pipe.

Deep Counterbore System in Operation

The self-contained Deep Counterbore System was built into a 20’ transportable shipping container in order for the complete system to be able to work on-site.

Tri Tool’s revolutionary, field-proven 7-Axis Deep Counterbore System (DCS) was deployed to take advantage of our flexible and spacious floor-plan to create an optimized pipe processing workflow in a minimal amount of time.

Our Overhead Gantry System was able to safely and swiftly handle pipe sections in an effective manner that would have been difficult at a conventional outdoor fabrication yard.
Operations were performed inside where the freshly machined ends were protected from the weather, an important advantage in the Gulf region that often deals with the challenges of rain and high humidity.

With experienced staff on-hand at all of our facilities and a tremendous amount of equipment inventory so that (along with deep counterboring) we can provide laser dimensioning and recording for pipe end matching, weld preparation beveling, weld profiling, coating removal, and code welding.

Our Deep Counterbore System is modular in design. Whether it is deployed inside our facility or at a job site, the DCS provides up to two fully automated matching 20’ CNC machining stations (that can sequentially work on both ends of a pipe) and a corresponding automated, rapid set-up, modular pipe rack. This innovative and efficient rack has been designed to require no operator hands-on contact, providing maximum safety.

This represents just one of the many machining and welding solutions that can be custom tailored to take advantage of one of our facilities that may be strategically located in your region.

It all starts with a phone call. Let us know about your project challenges. Tri Tool has the personnel, facility, equipment rental, on-site service, and specialized equipment resources to create flexible, practical work solutions that benefit our customers.

Our special engineering and project assistance capabilities are what sets us apart from being just an equipment manufacturer.

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