“Reverse Dogleg”

“Reverse Dogleg” sounds like a move in Pro Wrestling, but in our business, it’s a specially configured squaring bit.

If you work with tubing using our class-leading Model 304 tube squaring machine, you no doubt recognize the familiar profile of the DURABIT® 1 (used for larger stainless steel tubing). Sometimes, when you are squaring tubing of .25” (3.2mm) or smaller, the tool bit needs to be positioned so far along the mounting slot that your bit protrudes outside of the mounting head. A reverse dogleg bit, in this case, tool bit PN 99-2490 (for carbon steel, or 99-1479 for stainless steel) establishes the squaring edge properly, where you can get secure mounting screw engagement along the bit. If you squaring tubing down to .25” you are going to want one of these. Contact us today for more info.

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