Safer By Design

Safer By Design

A manufacturer proves their commitment to safety in the products they design.

Along with enhanced capabilities, processes, and intuitive control, today’s welding equipment must provide features that make working with mechanized equipment as safe as possible. When increased performance is achieved, while offering increased safety, you have the best of both worlds.

Accordingly, product safety was a prime design consideration when Tri Tool set out to introduce their advanced multi-process AdaptARC® welding system. With a long history as a leading producer of weld preparation tools, Tri Tool’s product engineers had a unique perspective gained from extensive experience working directly with professional welders, in a wide range of industries.

This advantage resulted in a welding system that is as safe as it is versatile.

A review of safety considerations designed and built-in to the AdaptARC system include:

  • Innovative programmable control and (patented) machine components that permit welding processes that offer major reductions in spatter and fumes.  A decreased level of hazardous hexavalent chrome fumes is a significant safety benefit to the operator.
  • Reduced spatter and smoke yields improved process visibility and increased welder comfort. These factors ensure an improved working environment and better weld results.
  • A practical remote pendant that allows the operator to monitor the weld with immediate program modification and Emergency Stop control so that their attention can remain on the process in progress and the mechanized machine in motion. 
  • A unique gas flow monitoring function of the weld control circuitry ensures that the flow of oxygen displacing welding gas is interrupted at the completion of each weld process. This safeguard prevents the accidental build-up of gas that could be extremely hazardous to welders operating in confined spaces.
  • A specific built-in safeguard of the AdaptARC welding system control circuitry is motor current monitoring of the rotating weld head AVC and Oscillation functions. Increased current demand outside of normal levels would indicate a straining drive motor such as would occur if electrical cords, wire, rope, an operator’s arm or clothing, etc. was acting as an obstruction to movement. In the event of this non-typical current level, the system would generate an error code and bring the entire system to a safe, immediate stop.
  • As with any GMAW (MIG) welding, a important safety concern is that the entire length of filler wire (including the wire spool) is electrically energized while the weld is in progress. This presents a possibility of arc flash or severe electric shock should the operator come in contact with the filler wire or spool. To address this, the AdaptARC system was designed to protect the welder with extensive filler wire shielding combined with a full, non-conductive spool cage that reduces the possibility of inadvertent operator contact, while still providing excellent visibility of the remaining spool wire.
  • The AdaptARC system is provided in safety compliance with ISO/IEC 17050-1:2004 and 2006//42/EC Machinery Directive for Safety of Machinery, and Arc Welding Equipment.

The design and success of the AdaptARC welding system reflects Tri Tool’s commitment to designing safe and intuitive products, and the personal safety of our customers.

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