SAFETY FOCUS: Married and Safe with a Silicone Ring

SAFETY FOCUS: Married and Safe with a Silicone Ring

Wearing jewelry is a custom enjoyed by countless people around the world. Many people wear their wedding band with pride, and never go anywhere without it. But, wedding bands and machine safety don’t go well together. A metal ring can become hooked onto a bolt or sharp edge of a machine tool, causing a serious safety hazard for the machine operator.

Gold and silver are relatively soft. If the ring is thin enough (and you are lucky) your ring might split in an accident, but ANY ring can become hooked on some element of moving equipment, creating the ever-present threat of losing fingers in a serious workplace accident.

Today there are much safer alternatives available for those who wish to wear rings and wedding bands on the job. Rings made from hypo-allergenic, medical-grade silicone are inexpensive and come in a vast range of colors and sizes. Some of these rings are made with true precious metal in the silicone that may lack some of the shininess, but still show the luster and color of a true gold metal ring. A silicone ring is more likely to tear if entangled in a machine, leaving your  finger intact, and your cherished, real wedding band safe and sound.

If wearing jewelry is a custom that you enjoy please consider wearing silicone rings as an alternative. It can help reduce serious hazards when operating machinery.

Tri Tool takes machine safety seriously and employs field service technicians who are properly trained in machine setup, operation, maintenance and safety.

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