Safety Focus: The Critical Need To Read Operator Manuals

TERRAMAX Op Manual CoverLet’s face it, when you think about all the ways you get information these days, there’s lots of sources. Companies that make machinery all have web pages, blogs, online videos, and have sales literature in both printed and digital formats. There’s ads, articles, trade shows, classes, physical demos, chat lines, and real sales or customer service calls.

The truth is that each one of these methods of acquiring product info will be totally different due to the different nature and goals of the content type (even when they’re all referring to the same product). For example, a sales brochure or a web page may focus on the features and benefits of a product, yet contain no actual info on how to safely operate a machine.

Given the high torque and rotating nature of portable machine tools, operators need to recognize the mandatory requirement to be completely informed about a machine tool BEFORE attempting to use it, in order to reduce inherent hazards and potential injury.

Usually, the only information source that directly addresses the operational safety of a particular machine is the manufacturer’s official Operator Manual. Reading entirely, and fully understanding this manual, is the best way to increase safety (while getting maximum performance and optimal cutting results too). Watching a short product video, no matter how action packed or entertaining, can never replace the crucial safety info contained in the operator manual. Note: Always keep the Operator’s Manual stored with the machinery for continual reference or for viewing by co-workers.

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