It’s no secret that finding highly skilled labor for the critical work of power plant maintenance and industrial outage services has become increasingly difficult.

That’s why Tri Tool developed its Tri Tool Services division: to help its customers complete the mission-critical work that keeps nuclear power plants and other industrial facilities operating year-round.

Tri Tool maintains a national network of highly skilled technicians who can augment on-site teams for short-term projects in on-site field machining and welding of pipe and tube used at nuclear power plants, oil and gas facilities, pulp and paper mills, aerospace, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industrial plants. Our team can work with your equipment or ours for a variety of power plant and pipeline maintenance and outage activities, including plant life extension, industrial plant retrofits, pipe testing and evaluation, pipe replacement and power plant decommissioning.

Tri Tool embraces only the highest standards of operational excellence. Focused on Safety and Quality, our team holds the highest of expectations for each other. Our training mirrors the programs in place by INPO and OSHA.

Nuclear power plant maintenance and power plant boiler maintenance require specialized tools, knowledge, and experience which are exactly what you can expect from Tri Tool. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Tri Tool is backed by extensive inventory and advanced engineering support to ensure your power plant maintenance project is carried out effectively, efficiently, and by factory-trained experts.

Nuclear power plant maintenance or any power station maintenance requires technicians trained in all aspects of equipment, materials, and process safety. Not only are our experienced field technicians equipped with the full range of portable and reliable Tri Tool equipment and accessories, but they are put through rigorous training in proper use, best practices, and safety. This means that your power plant maintenance project will get the best equipment for the job, when and where you need it.

We maintain a network of international distributors that can facilitate global mobilization of our on-site power plant maintenance and industrial outage services, from simple rental support to large turnkey projects that involve field machining and code welding services.

When you think about all of your options for power plant maintenance and industrial plant outage services, Tri Tool is the right choice for your on-site field machining and welding requirements. Contact Tri Tool to get started!

Tri Tool provides skilled technicians for power plant and industrial maintenance and outage services


Tri Tool takes individual and project safety seriously and initiates training of its service technicians on the very first day and continues throughout the course of their employment.


Count on highly trained personnel who perform rapid and reliable field machining services and technical support. Our services teams provide in situ machining support to our customers and respond quickly to plant outages, infrequent operations, or special construction and maintenance projects.

Tri Tool provides on-site field machining services
Tri Tool offers certified code welding as one of its on-site field machining services


Tri Tool provides certified code welding as an important part of our wide range of on-site services. Excellent manufacturing quality and customer service has made Tri Tool a world recognized machine tool manufacturer and nuclear pipe welding services company, for all of your on-site requirements, including nuclear pipe welding.


Tri Tool Services delivers the experience, OEM support, safety, and unmatched customer service to both onshore and offshore pipeline construction projects. Using our PIPEMASTER® line of pipeline equipment, the industry standard for high performance in pipe-facing machines, our service technicians can provide the precision you need for the most challenging applications.

Tri Tool provides specialty equipment and skilled labor for power plant, oil and gas pipeline and industrial plant maintenance and outage services
Tri Tool provides the specialty machine tools and skilled technicians for high-speed, deep counterboring projects


Our highly skilled technicians and specialized CNC high-speed deep counterboring equipment deliver unprecedented accuracy and superior finishes through a true seven-axis CNC machining capability.


As a trusted partner to the most respected nuclear power plant construction companies in the country, Tri Tool delivers on time and within budget performance with safety as the top priority.

Tri Tool provides the specialty machine tools and skilled technicians for high-speed, deep counterboring projects


Tri Tool Power Services provides thoroughly trained and highly skilled union staff for complete project contracting or staff augmentation of power plant maintenance and industrial outage services.


Let us help ensure your project is done right, on time, and on budget.

A long history of providing world-class on-site services makes Tri Tool the right choice when looking for assistance with project management services related to machining and code welding.

Tri Tool provides skilled technicians and project managers for on-site field machining, power plant and industrial plant maintenance and outage services
Tri Tool offers training on equipment used for on-site field machining, power plant maintenance and industrial outage services


Our training program was developed to provide a thorough education in Tri Tool machine tools and welding equipment as well as industry best practices for safe field operation and maintenance. Our qualified, highly skilled instructors have real world machining and welding experience in the field and shop settings.

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