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In-Place Machining Services


Most companies only have an intermittent need for skilled on-site pipeline technicians or boiler maintenance techs, but when they do, they’re hard to find.

That’s why Tri Tool, the expert in OEM equipment for process piping, has developed its own network of highly trained technicians to provide industrial plant maintenance and in-place field machining services for our customers.

Tri Tool Services’ highly skilled personnel perform rapid and reliable industrial plant maintenance services and technical support. We specialize in quick response for a variety of on-site field machining services, including pipe beveling, flange facing, portable milling, boiler maintenance, counterboring and more. Our technicians are available for planned or unplanned outages, infrequent operations, or special construction and industrial plant maintenance projects.

What sets Tri Tool Services’ technicians apart is their expertise working with the latest and most sophisticated line of pipeline tools offered by Tri Tool. Our experienced technicians will assist your craft personnel through all phases of your industrial maintenance project, providing equipment and tooling recommendations as well as ongoing maintenance of equipment to keep your project running smoothly and on schedule.

Tri Tool Services

Skilled field services technicians to help you get the job done.

In-place machining capabilities


Knowing the right piece of equipment to get the job done is half the battle. Tri Tool Service technicians can advise on the best model clamshell pipe cutter or pipe beveling system for your in-place machining application.  Our staff is equipped with the industry’s top-rated portable pipe machining equipment, including the Tri Tool 600 Series clamshell pipe cutters and the BEVELMASTER ID pipe beveling systems. These systems are designed to operate with low radial and axial clearances and deliver maximum performance accuracy on pipe from 1″ to 60″, producing various bevel configurations dependent on your welding process.


Tri Tool Service technicians have significant experience machining the sealing surfaces of the smallest to largest flanges in place, in the most difficult or tightest clearance configurations. Our team has access to a variety of machine tools for resurfacing of raised face and RTJ flanges, heat exchanger channel heads, tube sheets, and many other similar operations. All on-site machining services are performed to meet applicable industry specifications.


Tri Tool Service technicians are well trained in all phases of boiler work. We support our personnel with specialized machinery ranging from track-mounted panel saws for water wall cutting, machines for rapid end-prep of tubing or to perform heavy-wall header replacement. Tri Tool’s boiler technicians have mastered the art of fast and repeatable header tube stub removal and hole preparation with Tri Tool’s field-proven boiler equipment.


Tri Tool Service offers expertise in on-site counterboring solutions, including for critical operations where non-destructive testing (NDT) procedures are to be implemented. Our experienced team can advise on the best counterboring system for maximum versatility and efficiency in producing high-precision, deep counterbores and smooth blends for concentric pipe geometries for excellent ID bore and wall thickness consistency.


Precision milling requires the right piece of equipment and the know-how to use it. Tri Tool Services’ technicians are well-trained on mount portable milling systems that provide machine shop precision cuts on any surface. Our portable milling machine offers many advantages and design options for plant maintenance. Our in-place milling services provide an excellent means to machine motor and pump bases, access windows on vessels, and weld excavation where cracks in components can be milled away prior to re-welding.

• 3-Axis Milling •Foundation Milling


Tri Tool performs boring operations for power generation applications on components such as nozzles, headers, pipe penetrations and thermo wells. Line boring of heavy equipment or plant equipment can be performed at remote locations for scheduled maintenance or emergency repair. A wide variety of equipment and mounting options are available to meet your in-place field machining needs.


Tri Tool’s Services Division can support you with virtually any specialized operations on critical components such as:

  • Pipe Cutaway (Demolition)
  • Window Cutting
  • Vessel Milling
  • Turbines
  • Pipe Casings
  • Weld Excavation
  • Dry Cask Storage
  • Manways
  • Weld Overlay Machining
  • Hole Induction
  • Valve Cut-Outs
  • Valve Replacements
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