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Specialty, Code & Nuclear Welding


Tri Tool provides certified specialty welding services, including nuclear welding and code welding, as an important part of our wide range of on-site capabilities. Excellent manufacturing quality and customer service have made Tri Tool a world recognized machine tool manufacturer and specialty welding services company, for all of your on-site requirements, including nuclear pipe welding and code welding.

Tri Tool Services has an ASME and National Board accredited QA/QC program. Tri Tool Power Services (TPS) holds ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes “S” and “U” stamps and a National Board “R” Certificate for repairs and alteration. These stamps allow Tri Tool Services to repair, manufacture and assemble pressure vessels and power boilers.

With Tri Tool, the customer has the option of complete project management services along with reliable code compliant specialty welding, from in-house fabrication to the most complex on-site projects. Use our expert nuclear pipe welding services and our precision tools for successful execution and professional results. Tri Tool has assembled a welding management staff available 24/7 with an overwhelming amount of specialty code welding experience in all of the numerous and varied industries served.

Tri Tool Services

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Tri Tool’s specialty welding services ensure that you get:

Tri Tool Services is widely recognized as a trusted provider of on-site specialty welding services and equipment solutions for the nuclear industry. From equipment and personnel for special nuclear emergencies to specialized remote operation equipment for critical precision and reliability in hazardous environments, Tri Tool has the experience and engineering expertise to deliver unmatched levels of equipment and service support for nuclear pipe welding within the power generation industry.

  • Easier Scheduling and Contracting
  • Simplified Logistics and Coordination
  • Minimum weld defects
  • Maximum system life
  • Lower fatigue failure
  • Enhanced project safety
  • Less repair downtime

Other Specialty Welding Services Include:

  • Mechanized tube and pipe welding
  • Flux Core mechanized welding
  • Weld Overlay
  • Instrumentation Tube Welding
  • Heavy wall narrow groove welding
  • Heavy wall pipe welding
  • P91, P92 and super duplex power piping
  • Manual tube and pipe welding
  • Thermal Cutting Oxy/fuel, plasma
  • Turbine steam Chest Seat Repair
  • Boiler and furnace tube repair
  • Pump and nozzle overlay/cladding
  • Flange face cladding
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