Solutions for Our Aging Infrastructure

Unlike a fine wine, not everything gets better with age. This is especially true than when you consider the serious issue of the aging piping systems that transfer essential gases and fluids relied upon by business and industry.

Pipelines are often lumped under the broad term “infrastructure” that includes bridges, roads, highways, sewers, electrical and water lines. Pipelines are like a living organism’s veins and arteries. When a person’s blood vessels become old and impaired, they threaten the very survival of the host.

The gas, oil, fuel and water pipes that crisscross our land are no less important and need to be maintained and replaced to protect and ensure our society’s economic health.

While a person’s arteries are typically affected by blockages, the world’s piping systems are under assault by relentless stress and corrosion, both from the outside and within.

The vast majority of pipe in use today was installed before high tech materials and coatings were available. Much of this pipe is well past its original intended service life. In major cities, some underground pipes are hundreds of years old. Beneath the streets lies an unseen tangle of interwoven pipes, many of them made from outdated materials such as brick, clay, cement, lead, and iron (prone to rusting away to nothing).

Often the problem remains ignored until a leak or explosion results in a catastrophic deadly or environmental disaster that makes the headline news, and briefly draws attention to the situation.

In the midst of this massive problem, there is some good news! Tri Tool has developed many innovative equipment solutions designed to not only construct new pipelines, but to provide cost effective ways to maintain and replace all of this aging pipe.

Precision in-place weld prep equipment can bevel hard-to-cut pipe alloys (that can withstand the corrosive nature of transmitted fluids and gases) to guarantee reliable, long lasting welds.

Since today’s metal pipe is often coated with thick layers of plastic to prevent corrosive damage, we produce special Coating Removal machines that can rapidly expose the underlying metal to facilitate and speed up pipeline construction and maintenance.

Tri Tool also produces specially engineered portable equipment to perform complex machining and milling for infrastructure repairs.

As an OEM equipment manufacturer, standard equipment can be modified for unique applications. If needed, completely custom machinery can be designed and built for any specific project or unique machining operation you may have.

Along with equipment solutions, Tri Tool Services maintains a staff of qualified field machining technicians throughout the country. They are ready to deploy with the latest and best equipment for both planned contract machining and welding, or for emergency outages. Our technicians have responded to projects around the globe. They are an important alternative for specialized personnel augmentation whenever and wherever needed.

Whether using our field-proven, precision machine tools, or by using our on-site service personnel, Tri Tool is ready to assist you when you are confronted with any pipeline construction, repair or replacement project.

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