TECH TIP: AIR CADDY™ (Filter-Regulator-Lubricator) Tips and Tricks

Our AIR CADDY FRL units were designed as the perfect match for your rugged and reliable portable machine tools, delivering dependable pressure management and proper lubrication with your most demanding applications.

Many machines and motor configurations that demand more than 165 CFM, such as our high-performance TRIMAX® split-frame lathes, require the use of our higher volume airflow (large) AIR CADDY.

The mandatory use of a quality pneumatic FRL such as our AIR CADDY is required to protect and maintain the product warranty on all TRI TOOL® equipment air motors. Always read and fully understand your AIR CADDY Operator Manual before attempting to connect or run any pneumatic equipment.

Always clear any accumulated water from the filter bowl before use. Do not over-tighten the drain valve (only finger-tight). Observe operating pressures that can vary between various machines that share the FRL. Never exceed maximum pressure.

Always use a Tri Tool approved lubricant in your AIR CADDY.

Never operate pneumatic equipment at further than the specified distance from the AIR CADDY for proper lubrication.

For safety, always place the air caddy where the air line is clear from rotating machinery where the lines to and from the caddy do not pose a tripping hazard to persons in the operating area.

If needed, Sight Dome replacement kits are available for the large AIR CADDY – PN 75-0304, and small AIR CADDY – PN 75-0223.

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