TECH TIP: Are you getting the most out of your equipment?

It’s probably safe to say, there’s a lot of extra functionality and machining capabilities hiding in your tool crib that you have never considered. The truth is, practically all of our machinery has been designed to perform not only it’s primary purpose, but a host of additional operational possibilities through optional modules, mounting and tooling accessories, extension kits, and user installed modifications.

For example, a 500 Series SEVERMASTER® is one of the world’s finest automated tube severing tools. Adding an easily-installed SQM squaring module turns it into a precision tube squaring tool as well. A function that usually requires two distinct tools. Viola!

Our sales representatives and Service technicians can help you discover the incredible flexibility that is the hallmark of our mechanical design expertise – built into every machine we make.

Look at all the Tri Tool equipment you already own. Ask yourself, “What else could I be accomplishing with these reliable, versatile machines?” Call, and we’ll help you answer that question.

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