Tech Tip: Bit Positioning for Best Results

For optimal burr control for tube squaring operations, a tool bit’s position can shift the .005” burr from the ID to the OD (or from the OD to the ID). The balance between the ID and OD burr generation (even though they are minute) can be determined by you simply by changing the shear cutting angle of the tool bit.

Our precision squaring bits are ground with a high shear angle to minimize the residual burr on the tube ID and make the chip go
to the outside. By mounting the tool bit to use the outside part of the cutting edge, there is less effective shear which will reduce the OD burr. Moving the bit as far “out” as possible generates the most shear action for minimum burr on the ID of the tube (the tip of the edge must remain inside the bore of the tube).

*NOTE: Only one side of the bit slot is on centerline. For tubing with an ID bore greater than .50” the bit can be turned and mounted “backwards” in the bit slot (with the cutting edge in front of the centerline) for Maximum Shear angle when needed.

Relatively small changes can make a big difference. Experiment to see what works best to produce optimal squaring you.

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