TECH TIP: Clamshell Tool Holder Adjustment

When designing precision, high-performance machine tools intended to perform reliably in harsh environments, clearances and part tolerances are deliberately kept tight. To maintain the high level of surface finish and machining accuracy, the machine must be kept clean, properly lubricated, and adjusted for wear.

Our quality machine tools were designed to accept operational wear and have provisions to adjust for this factor. Along with wear, many environmental conditions can affect the proper adjustment of machine components such as working in sub-freezing or extremely hot areas. Metal parts can expand and contract (some materials at different rates) and adjustments should be checked each time the machine is used. Dirt, sand, grime, cutting debris, and exhausted lubricants can affect the smooth operation of the tool and that can translate to the surface finish of the cut. Parts can bind causing damage to the machine, or interrupt work in progress.

Refer to the guide to the right and also the machine’s Operator Manual for information regarding your specific machine. Call us for any assistance you need so that you can continue to adjust your machine for the best possible precision and dependable operation.

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