TECH TIP: Demo Mock-Ups for Special Operations.

TECH TIP: Demo Mock-Ups for Special Operations.

One key advantage of services backed up by an OEM equipment manufacturer is the ability to create engineering mock-ups of the actual work to be done. Being able to demo the work in advance gives us a crucial advantage in the Services arena.

This is of extreme importance when performing specialized services involving custom designed & manufactured fixtures, mounts, tooling or accessories. Another situation is when operations will be performed in hazardous environments or for the nuclear industry when you are only going to get one chance to do the work perfectly.

The same Tri Tool Service Manager is later seen supervising the actual critical cut
(that was shown in the above successful demo) on the nuclear power plant site.

Many times service companies simply bid work being proposed and then figure out how it will be done (if and when they get a contract). Tri Tool Services prides itself in providing the highest level of customer service that includes performing preliminary cut testing when customers need assurances that our planned service solution will deliver superior cutting or welding results in critical applications.

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