TECH TIP: Independent Tool Holder Height

TECH TIP: Independent Tool Holder Height

When Tri Tool engineers designed TRIMAX’s safer internal tripper mechanism (to remove potential pinch-points) another primary advantage resulted. Previously, the external tripper was fixed at height settings to match the mounting bolt hole positions.

The TRIMAX features Toe Clamps so that the height of the tool module is variable above the cut surface. Toe Clamp bolts are loosened and the module slides up and down to the desired height, and then tightened without being removed to fall or get lost.

An internal “star” feed wheel slides up and down a shaft to align with an internal tripper pin. That shaft transfers through a set of gears across the top of the module and down through the threaded feed shaft.

It’s a distinct advantage to the operator that in configurations utilizing more than one tool module simultaneously (such as sever/beveling) TRIMAX tool modules can be set at different and independent heights. Modules no longer require external (matching height) tripper modules to engage the star feed wheels as before.

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