TECH TIP: Tool Bit Resharp Program

Chances are, as a portable machine tool customer, your original motivation to utilize cold cutting severing, beveling and squaring tools was not only for the superior precision, but also for the time
and cost-savings. Rapid, repeatable cutting results greatly reduce labor and rejection rates. This important factor can more than pay for the equipment investment.

It seems to make perfect sense then, if there was another cost-saving benefit that you can take advantage of that would maximize the performance of your equipment AND save on consumables costs, this would be a win-win not to miss!

It is for this very reason that Tri Tool offers an easy to use, money saving Tool Bit Resharpening Program that will dramatically decrease your costs for precision OEM bits, so critical to your
profitability and work quality.

Used bits can be returned to Tri Tool for expert evaluation. Depending on your usage, many of your bits can be reground to restore the cutting edge at a much lower price than new bits. You
will get a rapid quote on your bits that can be reground (and an estimate to replace any bits to damaged to repair).

Our goal is to reduce your costs, while ensuring you always get the cutting performance designed in your Tri Tool® machine.

Call today for more info and start saving money on your quality OEM bits!

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