The Clamshell – much more than a split frame…

The Clamshell – much more than a split frame…

Ever since people have crafted tools, their incentive has been to make a specific task possible – or at least perform that task faster or easier.

Among the wide range of equipment solutions Tri Tool produces, there are many examples of tools that provide the optimal solution for a particular need. Though designed for a special purpose these machines were built with flexibility in mind, including the ability to adjust mounting or cutting components to permit their use in a range of pipe sizes. When it comes to tooling, thousands bits have been designed to accomplish the exact beveling profile desired, giving single-purpose machines a large degree of variability.

Even with our comprehensive line of specialty tools that offer practical operational and configuration options, some products stand out as superstars.

A perfect example is found in Tri Tool’s 600 Series “Clamshell” split-frame lathe. Many customers originally purchased a Clamshell to perform simple in-line cutting on pipes within the mounting range of their machine. A separating frame is a capability unique to OD mounted machines that would justify having one in your tool inventory. The truth is, a Clamshell is capable of much more.

In many ways, a singular term like clamshell or lathe fails to convey the tremendous scope of operational options that this remarkable machine presents to the owner.

The split frame lathe must be viewed as the centerpiece of a machining system. Even if you only use a clamshell for one purpose, the basic machine can serve as an adaptable framework to provide a wealth of other in-place capabilities you may not have considered. Operations that can be performed by the 600 series clamshell can be grouped into several categories, standard, custom modified, and dedicated.

Standard capabilities include all forms of in-line severing and beveling, and end preparation that fall within the scope of existing mounting capabilities and special purpose kits available. This is a large and varied assortment of solutions that include component parts to extend the mounting range of machines, provide special operations such as single point machining, and existing tool holders that provide functions such as ID and OD tracking to correct for pipe out-of-round conditions. Standard range tool capabilities that can be utilized are described in the options chart in Tri Tool’s 600 Series catalog or on Tri Tool’s web site.

As an OEM, Tri Tool offers customers complete engineering support to turn your existing Clamshell into a special machining multi-tasking champion.

Over the years, customers have required an unbelievable number of special accessories and custom mounting or machining processes to satisfy their most demanding requirements. A few examples of custom mods are roller (chipless) cutters, grooving modules, counterbore and coating removal systems.

Customers can take advantage of the valuable experience and vast legacy of unique solutions that have been developed to provide Clamshell in-place machining solutions, with utmost reliability and precision.

Engineering support is sometimes required for completely custom clamshells to satisfy a dedicated purpose far beyond the capabilities of standard range machines and accessories. Machines have been produced with additional corrosion protection and coatings for extended operations in harsh environments. In applications where precision cutting must be performed in hazardous or explosive environments, machines can be built for remote control for operator safety.

In short, when you look at your 600 Series Clamshell lathe, ask yourself what other tasks and special operations could your machine be providing with additional accessories, custom modifications or engineering support.

Call your Tri Tool sales representative to discover how easy it is to get the maximum advantage from your existing Clamshell!

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