Tri Tool Services provided international mission-critical support such as an equipment implementation for a major petroleum producer in Oman. This 2 year-long project required multi-level support including custom equipment engineering, equipment logistics, and specialized
customer training, along with field machining and project coordination personnel.
The customer was confronted with a petroleum transportation problem that would require advanced technical support. Corrosive Hydrogen Sulfide components in raw petroleum, in association with the factors of heat and friction, chemically and mechanically attack and dissolve the inner bore surface of pipelines. This damage can amount to over an inch of dimensional loss per year, and in some instances can be theoretically greater than the original wall thickness. One approach to deal with the problem is to fully line the ID bore of carbon steel pipe with a uniform cladding of Inconel 625 for its proven characteristics of acid resistance and weld-ability.
This requires weld end preparation to ensure that when welding the joint with Inconel filler wire, the root pass provides an uninterrupted corrosion-resistant surface. The Inconel welds demanded extreme accuracy and the pipeline sections to be used were known to have a serious out-of-round condition.
The equipment that was selected for this project was Tri Tool’s 816 PIPEMASTER® Pipeline Facing Machine (PFM), the versatile Model 224B BEVELMASTER®, and the newly designed Tri Tool® LASER DIMENSIONING SYSTEM. Pipeline section ends were precisely ID bored to uniform
wall thickness with a PFM 816 fitted with an OD tracking system.
Pipe ends were measured, indexed and cataloged for bore matching with Tri Tool’s new Laser Dimensioning System. Weld end preparation was performed immediately prior to welding with the Model 224B. Tri Tool also provided assistance with implementing a mobile welding station that could reliably position the production equipment for optimal prep and weld cycle times.
Tri Tool can support all API 5L piping operations, combining multidisciplinary machine and service technologies for the most demanding applications, anywhere in the world.
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