TRIMAX offers definitive proof of the saying “True beauty is on the inside!”

TRIMAX offers definitive proof of the saying “True beauty is on the inside!”

Tri Tool’s many years as an OEM providing high quality, world-class portable machining solutions has resulted in a vast body of experience, as well as the excellent opportunity to learn our customers’ needs and expectations from our many tools.


Having developed countless variations, configurations and special engineered versions of the split frame lathe, we became keenly aware of the fact that the true nature of the “Clamshell” lathe was not simply a machine that could be split and mounted in-line along a pipe. It’s real advantage was that it was an ideal platform for limitless machining operations.

When developing a new machining system intended to raise the bar for this class of machine, it was crucial to re-imagine our products that had served so many, so well for such a long time. By applying our vast experience in machine tool design with advanced CAD and manufacturing capabilities, our engineering team was able to produce the ultimate split-frame lathes on the market today.

The resulting TRIMAX portable machining system is able to perpetuate the long-respected, field-proven attributes of our previous 600 Series equipment, along with major improvements in frame stability, performance, and operator safety.

Internalizing the conventional drive, feed and mounting components eliminated pinch points making the TRIMAX ideal for operation in close, confined spaces.

The TRIMAX system is indicative of our ongoing commitment to our Safer by Design concept, to produce increased operator safety through intelligent design.

This design advantage is one of many offered by the new system wherein the increased “L Shaped” headstock stability and low friction of the innovative recirculating ball bearing patent offer much greater system expansion than ever before.

Greater system options translate to enhanced versatility and customization possibilities, and that in turn results in maximum economy and functionality for years to come.

Tri Tool encourages customers to challenge us with any operational requirement, from the simplest to your most demanding (or previously impossible) portable machining requirement you may have.

TRIMAX is up to the challenge!

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