PRESS RELEASE: New Split-Frame Lathe Delivers Unprecedented Safety and Performance.

(Rancho Cordova, CA) As a long-established provider of workhorse clamshell lathes, Tri Tool Inc. has introduced the state-of-the-art TRIMAX™ Machining System. This remarkably innovative portable lathe for in-line severing and precision weld end-prep of tubes and pipe has already been awarded two patents. It’s the latest example of Tri Tool’s ongoing commitment to the design and manufacture of exceptional machine tools ensuring maximum safety, performance, and precision. Tri Tool CEO, Joe Wernette states, “Safety has become an exceedingly crucial requirement of industry. It has become our leading core value and integral to all new product design and development. Our customers tell us that safety is their most significant concern, along with the equipment dependability and precision they have come to expect from our tools.”

“When operating rotating machinery, especially in confined spaces, protruding mechanical elements such as trippers and drive housings become safety considerations. Our revolutionary TRIMAX design internalizes all of these components thereby eliminating pinch points for incomparable operator safety,” said Vinh Hoang, Senior Lead Engineer.

Along with its safety advantages, the TRIMAX Machining System raises the performance bar for this class of equipment with a radically new “recirculating ball bearing” that enables much faster cutting speeds as well as heavier cutting capabilities (both radially and axially). “This unique TRIMAX bearing provides up to 20 times more contact points than older bearing types on comparably sized machines. This means that inherent vibrations are more widely and evenly distributed, resulting in excellent surface finishes, while maintaining those faster cutting speeds,” stated Justin Tripp, Vice President of Engineering.

Another distinct advantage of the TRIMAX lathe is the significantly stronger rotating headstock profile that performs with unprecedented stability. This key factor permits system expansion to provide machining capabilities far beyond existing lathes on the market, while maintaining unmatched precision and reliability. Another vital benefit of increased stability is a major reduction of deflection and tool bit chatter, leading to significantly less wear and replacement of costly tool bits.

According to insurance companies and safety engineers, there is an average return on investment (ROI) for safety programs of $3 to $5 for each dollar spent. “We’re very excited to bring this new machining system to market and hope that companies truly understand the decreased liabilities and increased ROI offered by safer machine tool designs such as our new TRIMAX. Ultimately we want machinists to go home the same way they showed up to work.” said Scott Stanton, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management.

About Tri Tool

Tri Tool Incorporated is a privately held, global leader in the manufacture of portable precision equipment specifically designed for pipe beveling, flange facing, in-line cutting, multi-process welding, high performance pipeline machinery, and a wide range of internal line-up clamps. In addition, Tri Tool offers on-site machining and code welding services, special engineering and custom machine design and equipment rental.  Customers come to Tri Tool because they are a trusted OEM manufacturer and solution provider. For more information on how Tri Tool is Building Performance, visit


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