Utilizing “Off-the-Shelf” Parts Saves You Time and Money

Have you ever had the experience of trying to fix a device that should be easy to do, only to find out that the product you bought uses “special” components? The problem is made worse in that there seems to be no reason that your product manufacturer chose not to use the same part that nearly everyone else uses.

Sometimes this is done because the part has unique requirements or it is so different that no one else makes a satisfactory generic part. Other times however, manufacturers use unique components to control the aftermarket of replacement accessory and consumable parts.
When a product is built, the manufacturer has no idea with whom, or where a product may end up.
Machines may need support that are in use in rural areas or in other countries placing them many hundreds or thousands of miles away from the manufacturer. This separation can lead to long delays in receiving replacement parts, and increases the likelihood of an expensive downtime for the equipment owner.
Generic, locally sourced parts are inherently less expensive than specially ordered parts from a manufacturer. This can be an important ongoing financial factor to machine ownership and operation costs.
The ideal answer to this predicament is to incorporate into the equipment design widely available, generic components whenever possible. 
This design approach empowers the user to directly acquire the parts needed from local sources, and not be at the mercy of the original manufacturer as a sole source supplier.  This is especially true for parts that by their intended use are subject to extremes in wear, impact or temperature degradation.
The AdaptARC® Mechanized Welding System was specifically built to save the equipment operator time and costs by utilizing locally sourced parts as a fundamental advantage of its design. This:
  • Decreases time wasted through mandatory ordering of OEM parts
  • Significantly lowers expense of operating and repairing equipment
  • Increases likelihood of replacement parts being in stock locally
  • Generic parts are familiar to operators and repair personnel
  • Enables the machine to be repaired and back to work quickly
  • Is a critical advantage when machines are used in remote areas
Making practical and affordable part replacement is a further complement to a system that already features performance, versatility, and ease-of-use.
Trust Tri Tool engineering for practical and cost effective equipment design.
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