You Wanna Play Rough? Say hello to our little friend.

Since it’s introduction, this small beveling powerhouse has proven itself in the field, but did you know about its versatility?

The venerable Model 204B is a compact portable ID mount machine tool with a longstanding reputation for excellence in precision cutting of pipe and tube. The versatile mandrel mounts to IDs from 1.25” (31.8mm) through 4.33” (110.0mm).

The machine’s in-line feed system provides superb tactile cutting control and its heavy-duty cutting head accepts a wide range of bits to guarantee it can handle any task you can throw at it. The 204B’s mandrel shaft is heat treated to Rc50 for maximum strength and is sealed to minimize wear from contamination. Heat-treated mandrel mounting blocks ensure maximum life and secure mounting and its 1.5 HP air motor with gear reduction provides optimum performance.

The generous 1.5” feed length is perfect for performing deep counterbores, and the 204B’s body has additional mounting holes for optional accessories and custom components.

Configuration options include smaller diameter mandrels that permit secure mounting with either .62” to 1” or 1.0” to 1.2” ID bores.

Maximum flexibility is offered through options such as a powerful electric drive, a flange facing kit, BoilerMaster type ratchet feed handles for (operating in tight spaces). An elbow mandrel is available for precise beveling of fittings, and the machine can also be custom configured for high-volume fabrication roles with bench mount stands, pneumatic clamping, and thin-wall tubing mounted accessories.

The Model 204B configured as an excellent flange facer.

Whenever you require dependable, flange facing on smaller size flanges, the Model 204B provides a practical and proven portable solution.

The 204B’s accessory Flange Facing Kit does facing up to a 14″ diameter surface and can be mounted on 1.25″ to 4.0″ pipe sizes.

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