When it comes to On-Site Services – people power makes all the difference!

When we conducted a survey and asked our customers what the single most important factor was about working with Tri Tool that kept them coming back, they responded overwhelmingly – “It’s the people.”

Having the best machine tools in the world is not enough unless you have the quality personnel, professional experience, and dedicated customer service to back them up.

This statement is never so true as when applied to On-Site Services. When a major power utility, industrial piping system, or processing plant requires maintenance or is experiencing an outage, there is a lot of money (and personal responsibility) on the line until it is back up and running at full capacity.

We know you need to engage and deploy service teams that are proven to be mechanically knowledgeable, trustworthy and ultimately responsible, or a project can rapidly go from bad to worse. Knowing how crucial our work is to your project success drives us to providing uncompromising support. Your success, means our success!

Domestically, our On-Site Service support infrastructure utilizes top-notch, experienced Regional Service Managers who oversee a dedicated network of field technicians to coordinate with service customers in any area of the nation. Our service managers have special knowledge of the industries in their region and can provide you with optimized service solutions.

Internationally, our Service managers have tactical knowledge to get equipment deployed when needed any where in the world. Our International service technicians have experience working in all areas, and can respond wherever required.

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