Model 300 MF Tube Squaring Machine

Model 300 MF Tube Squaring Machine

This quick squaring tool creates the perfect prep for autogenous tube welding. The Model 300 MICROFACER tube squaring machine accepts its own torque through the self-contained OD saddle clamping system for precision squared ends. This standard saddle clamping system requires a straight length of tube .40″ (10.2mm) long. The tube squaring machine’s speed control is provided by a variable speed cordless electric drive. Feed is controlled by a cam actuated feed handle, located at a right angle to the cutter head.

Tri Tool offers several other 300 Series tube squaring machines to meet your application requirements:

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300 Series tube squaring machines are designed to provide precise square ends on cut lengths of tube and fittings. All Tri Tool machines deliver the optimal combination of precision, reliability and portability. The Model 300 MICROFACER machine is ideal for micro squaring; it’s cleanroom ready, assembled with Krytox® grease and features stainless steel saddles to eliminate carbon contamination.

  • 0.125” to 0.75” OD (3.17 to 19.0mm)
  • Wall Thickness Up To 0.125” (3.17mm)
  • Variable Speed Cordless Electric Drive
  • Flexible Drive Shaft
  • Straight Tube, Micro Fittings, Fittings
  • Facing or Squaring
  • Preparation on mild, chrome, stainless, copper-nickel alloy, aluminum
  • Special procedures for: inconel, other high temp alloys
  • Weight 7 lbs (3.18 kg)

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