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Precision Equipment

Precision portable machining and welding solutions designed for ease of operation, maximum performance and maximum safety.

Custom Machine Tools

When you need a custom machine tool, we’re here to help! With a diverse line of custom engineered portable equipment used in a broad range of niche applications, we have custom equipment available for fitting reclamation, weld crown finishing, boiler applications, coating removal, pipe lineup clamps, and chipless machinery for chipless cutting of tubes.

Companies can depend on our expert engineering services for straightforward, economical solutions to complex application requirements. Whether it’s a unique problem, such as working in nuclear power plants where remote operation is a must or where space limitations preclude the use of standard machine tools, engineering support can modify existing products or design and build completely custom portable machine tools.

Pipe Lineup Clamps

Custom pipe lineup clamp designs can provide special clamping or mounting of cutting tools for thin, odd-sized and difficult mounting conditions where typical mounting methods cannot be used.

Special Materials or Coatings

Parts, accessories, or entire machines can be manufactured using materials or coatings that enhance decontamination, prevent corrosion or foreign material contamination of exotic alloy pipe.

Specialty Welding

Our DualARC weld head can be configured for special applications, such as cladding. The OrbitMASTER performs Pulse Spray Transfer for exceptional cladding and the programmable weld controller can reverse the travel direction for accurate interrupted openings, producing repeatable results.

CNC Capabilities

With many examples of proven CNC capabilities including CNC pipe bevelers and our High Production CNC Counterbore system, Tri Tool is able to configure products with repeatable and accurate CNC machining capabilities.


Often customers require custom machine tools designed for high volume or automated production through the use of special base plates, fixtures, feed assemblies, indicators, and tool bit holders.  Machinery has been manufactured with automatic feed and shut-off features to increase production and consistency.

Remote Operation

To allow an operator to safely and effectively perform machining operations in hazardous or space-restricted situations, equipment can be modified for control by a special remote control pendant or console. Video cameras and lights can be mounted to allow remote viewing of the procedures, or to permit recording. Another need for remote operation arises in the nuclear power industry. Many of the critical maintenance operations are performed in high radiation areas where equipment characteristics such as reliability, precision and ease-of-use are not merely advantageous – they’re mandatory. Complete remote control stations can be developed to control maintenance projects involving the use of clamshells to limit the exposure of personnel to radiation during operation.

Automatic Bit Feed and Shut-Off

Standard manual tripper control pin mechanisms are not suitable for some remote operations or some specific cutting procedures. In those instances, special accessories have been designed to provide remote control over tool bit feed rate, machining speed, and depth of cut shut-off.

Special Tool Bits and Tool Bit Holders

Some situations or materials require the development of custom tooling to generate specific machining results. Special bit holders can be produced to replace the standard tool holders.

Underwater Operation

Construction and maintenance projects being performed underwater require that the portable machining equipment be set-up by divers, a situation in which the clamshell’s easy set-up is a clear advantage. While it is possible for a diver to operate the machine tool, the equipment can be powered, controlled and monitored from above.

Special Configurations

Tri Tool’s special engineering can develop and manufacture custom machine tools based on proven designs, to meet virtually any project requirement or specific work situation. Over the years, we have produced countless special variations or configurations of our standard equipment.

Optional cutting styles – When required, systems can provide chipless roller wheel severing, cutting with custom milling machines, grooving and many other types of machining and end finishing.

While the need for a completely custom machine tool is not usually required, the importance of a critical or repetitive task can justify the need for custom machinery. We are proud of our record of consistently providing the industry’s finest portable machinery design, engineering, and manufacturing support.

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